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Wooden Heart Valentine’s

One of our favorite songs to sing before nap time is from The Wizard of Oz, If I Only Had a Heart. Believe me, the Tin Man would love to have one of these wooden valentine’s for a heart.


Pearl’s mama found these adorable wooden hearts online and thought they might make a sweet little valentine. The ones we used are pretty big (7 X 6.5 inches) but any size will work as long as your little one can get stickers on them).

I was a little worried Pearl wouldn’t have the patience to hand paint every single one with our little paintbrushes and used this opportunity to try out some sponge rollers.

The ACE hardware down the street was selling some for a good price, but I decided to get some kid-friendly ones that fit better in little hands. I found a pack of six on Amazon for only about $9 in several different patterns.


I put out the neon paints on a tray and let the rollers just sit there next to them. I love using neon colors because they usually mix well if Pearl is on a painting rampage without getting a mucky brown.

The rollers were a lifesaver. They made it so simple for Pearl to cover the surface with paint much easier than with our paintbrushes, which would take a lot of time and attention span. The rollers covered the hearts quickly and easily and made some really cool textures. We even added glitter paint to one or two.


Since the rollers were such a hit, I was a little sad to cover the hearts with stickers. The abstract hearts were so neat. But the variety of stickers were an adorable activity anyway so I opened them up and Pearl got to work.

Only a few minutes in and I was so glad we did! Pearl was so happy  and busy selecting the different colors and sizes of hearts and flowers. She paid careful attention to every valentine, giving each a tailor-made look. It was also great how sturdy the wooden hearts were so that she could practice applying the stickers to them without them flopping around.

Another process art success! I can’t wait to see Pearl’s face when she gives away her first Valentine’s.  img_6552

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